Classification of Wire and Cable Products

Classification of Wire and Cable Products

1.Bare wire and bare conductor products

Pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheathed layer, such as steel core aluminum strand, copper and aluminum busbar, electric locomotive wire, etc.

The processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, calendering, drawing, stranding/tightening, etc.; the products are mainly used in suburban, rural, user main lines, switch cabinets, etc.

2.Power cable

1) Squeeze (wrap) the insulation layer outside the conductor, such as overhead insulated cable, or several core strands (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground lines of the power system). The main process technologies include drawing, twisting, insulating extrusion (winding), cable forming, armouring, coating extrusion, and so on. The different process combinations of various products are different.

2) Products are mainly used in transmission, distribution, transmission, transformation, power supply lines of strong electricity transmission, through the large current (tens of amps to thousands of amps), high voltage (220 V to 500kV and above).

3.Wire and cable for electrical equipment

Variety of specifications, a wide range of applications, the use voltage is usually at 1kv and below, in the face of special occasions continue to derive new products, such as fire-resistant cables, flame-retardant cables, low-smoke halogen-free / low-smoke low-halogen cable, anti- Termites, anti-mouse cables, oil/cold/heat/resistant cables, medical/agricultural/mineral cables, thin-walled wires, etc.

4.Communication cable and optical fiber

Telephone cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables, and even composite communication cables, etc., are generally small in size and uniform in manufacturing structure, and require high manufacturing precision.

5.Electromagnetic wire (winding wire)

Mainly used for all kinds of motors, instruments and instruments.

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