Considerations for Cable Installation

Considerations for Cable Installation

1. The mine cable should be kept at a distance of 2m when it is installed in parallel with the heat pipe, and should be kept at 0.5m when crossing.

2. The cable must be kept at a distance of 0.5 m when it is installed in parallel or cross-over with other pipes.

3.When the cable is directly buried, the direct buried depth of the 1-35kV cable should be no less than 0.7m.

4.When the cables of 10kV and below are installed in parallel, the mutual clearance is not less than 0.1m, 10-35kV is not less than 0.25m, and the distance when crossing is not less than 0.5m.

5.The smaller bending radius of the cable, the multi-core cable must not be lower than 15D, and the single-core cable must not be lower than 20D (D is the cable outer diameter).

6.Basic requirements for cable ends and intermediate connectors:

a. The conductors are well connected;
b. Reliable insulation, it is recommended to use radiation cross-linked heat shrinkable silicone rubber insulation material;
c. Sealed well;
d. Sufficient mechanical strength to adapt to various operating conditions.

7.The cable ends must be waterproof and protected from attack by other corrosive materials to prevent breakdown due to aging of the insulation caused by water.

8.Cables must be loaded or unloaded by crane or forklift. It is forbidden to be transported flat or laid flat. When installing large cables, the cable car should be used to prevent the cable from being damaged by external force or scratching the insulation layer by manual dragging.

9.If the cable cannot be laid in time, it should be stored in a dry place to prevent sunlight exposure and water in the cable end.

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