H07V-K PVC Insulated Electric Wire

H07V-K PVC Insulated Electric Wire

H07V-K PVC Insulated Electric Wire

Product description

Rated voltage: <1.5mm2 300/500V; ≥1.5mm2 450/750V;

Conductor: multi-strand copper conductor, in accordance with GB/T 3956 Category 5 (equivalent to IEC60228.5);

Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride Mixture (PVC);

Marking color: red, white, blue, green, black...;

Cross-sectional area: 0.5 -70mm2;

Test voltage: 2500V, 5min.

Maximum operating temperature: 70 ℃;

Minimum use temperature: -30 ℃.

Reference standard: GB 5023、IEC60227、HD VDE21.3 S3.

This series of products has a wide range of applications in the industrial power distribution field, especially suitable for more flexible installation sites, such as electric control cabinets, distribution boxes and various low-voltage electrical equipment, which can be used for transmission of electric power, electrical control signals and switching signals. The cable is designed with a soft structure, the conductor has a small bending radius, and is suitable for use in wet and oily installations. At the same time, the products have obtained the CCC and CE mark certification, in line with the requirements of HD (EU Uniform Coordination Standard), not only can be used in the Chinese market, but also in the European market.

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