Hazards of Unqualified Sheathing Thickness

Hazards of Unqualified Sheathing Thickness

1.Reduce the service life of wire and cable products

After long-term operation of wire and cable, especially in direct burial, immersion in water, exposed to the open air or easily corroded environment, the insulation level and mechanical level of the thinnest point of the sheath will decrease due to the corrosion of the external medium for a long time.

2.Increased the difficulty of the laying process

With the development of global industry, more and more environmental requirements require high-voltage cable products to have a small outer diameter. In the process of laying, it is necessary to consider leaving a gap in order to dissipate the heat generated after the wire and cable are energized. Too thick sheathing will increase the difficulty of laying, so the thickness of sheathing is strictly in line with relevant standards, otherwise, it cannot protect wire and cable. Also cannot blindly pursue its thickness.

It is well known that the function of cable sheath is to protect the insulated cable core from damage under external force. If the thinnest point of the cable jacket does not meet the requirements, the cable jacket will be damaged if it has not reached the normal maximum external destructive force.

Raise the temperature of the low density polyethylene sheathed extruder and increase the strength of the stress cracking, because the extrusion temperature is too high, easy to make the plastic scorch, or appear "skid" phenomenon; In addition, the shape stability of the extruded cladding is poor, the shrinkage rate increases, even causes the extrusion plastic layer to change the color and to appear the bubble and so on;

The extruder body and screw cooling system are used to eliminate friction and overheating to maintain the heat balance during the extrusion process, stabilize the extrusion pressure, promote the plastic mixing evenly, and improve the plasticizing quality.

In summary, in the production process, we only have to carefully operate the equipment and strictly control the sheathing thickness according to the standard requirements. This not only saves resources, reduces the material consumption, increases the profit, but also guarantees the cable quality. Create quality and cheap products.

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