Installation and Maintenance of Cable Bridge

Installation and Maintenance of Cable Bridge

Long-span cable bridge is composed of extruded FRP profile, suitable for power cable, control cable, lighting cable and accessories. Compared with the iron bridge, it has a long service life (general design life of 20 years), easy installation and low cost (only 1/4 of carbon steel),construction without fire, the length of a single bridge can be up to 8 meters, or even longer), cutting convenient, no need for maintenance and other advantages.

Cable ladder, tray width and height should be selected in accordance with the filling rate requirements. The filling rate of the ladder ladder and the tray is generally 40% to 50% for the power cable and 50% to 70% for the control cable. It is also advisable to reserve 10% to 25% of the project development margin.

When selecting the load grade of the cable bridge, the working average load of the cable bridge should not be greater than the rated uniform load of the selected cable bridge, if the actual span of the cable bridge is not equal to 2m, Then the working load distribution should meet the requirements.

Various components and suspensions meet the corresponding load conditions,its specification size should match the straight section of tray, ladder frame, bending series. When selecting the bend or lead-up or lowering device of the cable tray, it should not be less than the minimum allowable bending radius of the cable in the cable tray.

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