Material of RVV Cable Core

Material of RVV Cable Core

RVV Cable

The number of core wires of the RVV power cord is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires, and there are two cores, three cores, four cores, five cores, etc.

The RVV power cord is a commonly used power cord in weak current monitoring systems. Commonly used specifications are 2-core power cords (2*0.5/2*0.75/2*1.0, etc.) and 3-core power cords (3*0.5/3*0.75/3). *1.0, etc.), 4-core power cord (4*0.5/4*0.75/4*1.0, etc.),etc.

RVV inner conductor is composed of multi-strand copper core. The material of power cord is oxygen-free copper, all copper, copper-clad aluminum. Copper-clad aluminum is very soft, all copper and oxygen-free copper texture is hard. These three materials are easily distinguishable.

In the process of using the power cord, the resistance of the conductor does not meet the requirements, which will cause the power cord to overheat in operation. The resistance of the copper clad aluminum material and the all copper resistance are higher than that of the oxygen free copper material, and the copper coated aluminum power cord is easy to be oxidized. The service life is not long. And the whole copper service life is longer, the transmission distance is relatively short. Oxygen-free copper power cord resistance is small, transmission effect is good, is often used in engineering power line.

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