RVV Cable Application

RVV Cable Application

RVV Cable

RVV wire full name copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible wire, also known as light PVC sheathed cord, commonly known as soft sheathed wire, is a kind of sheathed wire. It is mainly used in power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines for electrical appliances, instruments and electronic equipment and automation devices, and can be used for anti-theft alarm systems and building intercom systems.

In the market, the RVV power cord is basically a black extruded power cord, which is directly extruded by a squeeze die. The filler is directly filled with PVC material, and the structure is compact, the appearance is round, and the outer sheath is thick,wear-resistant, tensile and compression resistance.

The copper-clad aluminum RVV power cord can usually be transmitted within 50 meters, used in monitoring small projects, and is used indoors, generally not more than 4 cameras.

The RVV oxygen-free copper power cord can be used outdoors or indoors with a distance of more than 50 meters, and can operate over 4 cameras.

Shengzhou wire and cable reminds everyone that the monitoring system generally works with a voltage of 12V. The current will be subjected to a certain resistance when passing through the conductor. When the current passes through the conductor, it will be subjected to a certain resistance, resulting in loss of the voltage transmitted by the RVV power line. The resistance of the oxygen-free copper conductor is relatively small, the line voltage drop is not large, it will not affect the normal work, and will not easily cause a fire.

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