Technical Parameters of RVV Cable

Technical Parameters of RVV Cable

RVV Cable

The meaning of the RVV letter:

The letter R stands for the soft wire;

The letter V for the insulator polyvinyl chloride (pvc);

Rated voltage: 300V/500V.

Conductor: Multi-strand copper conductor, in accordance with GB/T 3956 Category 5 (equivalent to IEC60228.5).

Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride mixture (PVC).

Sheath: flexible PVC mixture (PVC), grey (RAL7001). Core line identification: ≤ 5 core, colored core; black core with white number, yellow green ground wire.
Number of core wires: 2-5 cores, 7-36 cores (CCC catalogue products, no CCC certification).

Cross-sectional area: 0.75-2.5mm2, 0.5, 2.5-35mm2

Test voltage: 2000V, 5min.

Insulation resistance: >200M ohms × KM.

Operating temperature: -30~ +70 ℃.

Bending radius: 15 × cable outer diameter.

Flame retardant properties: IEC 60 332.1.

Reference standards: GB 5023, IEC60227, HD VDE21.5 S3.

Packing specification: 100m, 200m.

The number of wires is variable, two or more, and there is a PVC sheath on the outside. There is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires.

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