Wide Application of RVV Power Cable

Wide Application of RVV Power Cable

RVV Power Cable

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RVV cable is called light PVC sheathed soft wire. It is used in power cord, control line and signal transmission line for electric apparatus, instrument and electronic equipment and automatic substitute device. It can be used in alarm system and intercom system.

RVV sheathed cable is widely used and belongs to common wire and cable models. Our household air conditioners and refrigerator power cords are generally RVV-3*4. The power cords for household appliances such as washing machines and water dispensers are generally RVV-3*2.5, depending on the The power consumption of the most suitable power cord is used to effectively reduce the cost and realize the rational use of resources. There are also smaller square sheathed lines of 0.3 square, 0.5 square, 0.75 square, and 1 square, which are suitable for less power-consuming equipment. In short, the use of RVV sheathed wire is very ordinary, and our daily life is always everywhere.

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