YC Cable Application Characteristics

YC Cable Application Characteristics

YC Rubber Cable

The YC cable is mainly a multi-core cable. Commonly used are 2 cores, 3 cores, 4 cores, and 5 cores. The copper core area ranges from 0.75 to several tens of squares.

Safety: Due to the texture of all natural rubber, this product is very safe.

The rubber cable is a kind of soft and movable cable which is made up of multiple strands of thin copper wire as conductor, and is surrounded by rubber insulation and rubber sheath. Generally speaking, it includes general rubber flexible cable, electric welder cable, submersible motor cable, radio cable and photographic light cable.

Rubber cable is widely used in various electrical equipment, such as mobile power cords for household appliances, electric machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

According to the mechanical external force of the cable, the product structure is divided into light, medium and heavy, and there is also a proper connection in the cross section. Generally, the light rubber cable is used in household appliances and small electric equipment, which requires softness and lightness. Good bending performance; In addition to industrial use, medium-sized rubber cable is widely used in agricultural electrification. Heavy-duty cable is used in places such as searchlights, large-scale hydraulic irrigation and drainage stations in the home industry. These products have good versatility, complete series specifications, good performance and stability.

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